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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is better - Film or Digital?

For headshots, with either process the end result can be the same great quality, it’s just a different process to get there. But day by day, the advantages and increased quality of Digital make it a smart choice for headshots. With Digital, we shoot without any construct of rolls (so we can shoot more), and you keep all of your shots/negatives on a specially prepared CD. Anytime you want enlargements or to make reproductions, you simply use your custom CD with all of your shots (saves a lot of time and money). Also Digital shots are often done in color and then can be reproduced in either Black & White and/or Color. With a traditional film route we'd shoot about 4 rolls, you keep the contacts sheets, and eventually pick out some 8x10 master prints to enlarge (negatives remain property of the studio and all subsequent enlargements are printed through the studio). We can chat further about it if seems it's a bit foggy.

2. How long does it take to get my shots?

Typically, about three to five business days for Digital shots. "Rush" service is available and additional charges apply.

3. How long in advance do I need to book an appointment to shoot?

Sometimes I like to book two days so that we have a “rain date” squared away for any unsatisfactory conditions. But I often don’t use both of my scheduled days. That being said, it’s hard to say how much time in advance you should book, but 2-4 weeks is generally a good rule of thumb. If you're in rush, drop me a line and we can probably squeeze you in somewhere by putting you on the wait list to grab somebody's unused rain date. Although if you have your heart set on that special date, hit me up a little more in advance.

4. Do I need make-up?

If you’re a woman, I don’t require that you use my make up artist, but I highly recommend it. She stays for the entire session and also serves as just another ‘third eye’. And she's fabulous. She also helps with the hair. Most men don’t need make up, but if you’ve got uneven skin tones, it’s an option for men to explore as well. Women - $150, Men $75; cash only please.

5. What if I'm terrible behind the camera?

I hear this from 9 out of 10 people. Because everyone’s unique I don’t have one magical technique to diffuse the weirdness of getting your pictures taken. I have many. It's really about you doing less, and me doing more. If I had to break it down your responsibility to mathmatics, I'd describe the process as 90% being a good listener and 10% maintaining a positive attitude. I pride myself on taking the steam out of the process, allowing you to breath and be open so I can go to work capturing you at your best. Don't sweat it. I'm pretty hands on.

6. What kind of clothing do I wear?

Bring a variety of clothes so we have things to choose from. Keep it casual and keep it very “you”. Also try to keep it fun and original. Darker tends to work better than lighter but there are no hard rules. Texture is good, patterns are sometimes bad, and things like layering can work really well sometimes (especially for men), and women should also sometimes make sure to keep their neck lines open most of the time. In general, try not to wear baggy clothes that will hide your body. Be yourself, take some risks, and bring more versus less. I will provide more information as well for your session.

7. Do you shoot outdoors or indoors?

I do both and it depends on your needs. My ideal day is about half and half. And I shoot year round. If the weather is particularly difficult we'd likely reschedule but it's important to remember that we're not out there long, we don't travel far (maybe a few blocks at the most) and the shots look the same all year: I go for a non-temperature specific look.

8. How long does a headshot session take?

I usually only shoot once a day. Typical start time is around noon (seasonally dependant), and last (on average) around 3-4 hours.

9. Do you do reshoots?

Reshoots are available at $150 up to four weeks from the date of your session. Obviously in the extremely rare event of any heinous photographer error, reshoots would be on the house. :)

More questions? Drop me a line: or 212.696.6453.