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I don’t have one mold by which I shoot my images. I don’t have one street. I don’t have one white backdrop. And I’m not tied down to one location. Simply put, I can’t take the same picture twice.

My goal is to create pictures that are simple, fresh, and beautiful. I strive to represent individuals at their best, in an honest format, while still maintaining a kind of photographic edge – which is a fundamental ingredient of my style. With headshots I aim for three things (in this order): to look like you, for you to look great, and to stick out of the pile with images that are dynamic, alive, warm, and exciting. I don’t want you to be lost in a cliché – why can’t a headshot also include your personality?

My relationship with photography began when I received my B.A. in Film from Vassar College and then my M.F.A. from the ART/MXAT Institute at Harvard University. Focusing on journalistic and "street" photography, I quickly gained an appreciation for the use of people, composition, and effective light to build moving and completely unique photos.

For me, portrait photography is about capturing candid and exciting moments, not orchestrating an artificial pose that looks more like it came from some strange netherland of mannequin photography. In addition to studio work, I love shooting on location, choosing the best environments for your shoot which invariably endows your headshots with personality, originality, and beautiful light.

I hope to take the mystery and stress out of the process. You need only worry about being yourself, relaxing, and having fun. Portraits and headshots can be beautiful, candid, and real! I love photography and I love what I do. Please don't hesitate to contact me to learn more.

- Trevor

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"Trevor's photo's stand out as fresh, inventive, and honest. In short, they get noticed." - Nina Shreiber, TV/Film legit agent

"Trevor, you are the most amazing photographer! The most amazing! Every time I send someone to you, they come back with the most honest headshots. I’m officially crazy about you!! Thank you so much." - Donna Destefano, Manager and owner SirenSong Ent.

Trevor's pictures are recognized coast to coast by casting directors, agents, managers, and industry luminaries alike, as some of the clearest, most exciting, and effective headshots currently available.

His images have appeared in national magazines, newspapers, periodicals, album covers, and even on the sides of milk cartons ... kidding.

Trevor is a member of Canon Professional Services (CPS) and the Independent Retailers and Business Association of New York.