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Trevor Oswalt, you are a freaking GOD!!!!! Talk about Nice work. Really awesome. I am SO happy with the shots and can't imagine how I'm going to choose the winners.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Trevor!! You are an absolute wonder. Consider yourself warned: I've just recommended you to everyone on my e-mail list.

I just wanted to thank you so much for such a great shoot....your work really amazes me! you are so talented....i am having one hell of a time picking two did such an amazing job...everyone that saw them mentioned how talented you are.

F**king wow. That's about all I can say. I got the disk last night and I looked through them all this morning. I don't know how I'm going to choose. Trevor, your work is brilliant. I can totally see now what you were doing. Thank you for the way you locked on to one shot and then framed it in a few subtle different ways. Going through the disk one by one, there were quite a few times where I would say something like "Oh, I like that one, but it's too bad my hair looked stupid," only to find that the next shot was the exact same thing, but with my stupid hair framed out of the shot. I need to find a copy of the shots I had done when I first came to the city. You'd laugh your ass off.

Hey Trevor,
Just wanted to say that FINALLY after way too long, my color headshots are printed and look great!! Thank you so much and i have also been recommending you left and right (everyone wants to know who did my pics! ) So thanks again and take care!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for a wonderful photo shoot! Your makeup/hair artist was absolutely a GEM. The two of you together made my day most pleasureable and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the two of you. I did not think of my helped me focus positively on our "work at hand" and I felt uplifted and encouraged when I left....and I still do. (smile)

I just wanted to say thank you again for the shoot yesterday. You were great about making me feel more comfortable, and i'm absolutely positive we got some great photos!

Hey Trevor! There are totally a million great choices! Thanks so much ... looking forward to getting some opinions this week!

Just wanted to let you know that my shots look so great!! I'm so happy with them! Haven't narrowed it down just yet, but as soon as I do I'll be getting in touch to get you input on how it should be retouched for reproduction. Thank you so much!

I got the shots, but will not have any time to make any decisions or action on them until after this weekend since I am putting up my sister for the weekend. But I did peek and WOW! You are seriously good.

Wow.   Amazing.  You are the master. Thank you. I am blown away. All other headshots shall be burned in effigy. Can't wait to send them out!

Excellent pics, man. There's gonna be too many good ones to choose from. And they also look awsome in black and white. So amazing job, my agents and managers absolutely loved them.
Again awesome work.

I want to tell you again how happy I am with my shots. I love them! They turned out great and I've gotten lots of compliments. You did a wonderful job! It was nice to be in the position of having so many good shots to choose from. I didn't have to settle at all; there were lots of fantastic photos, they weren't "cookie-cutter" shots, and they all looked like me... just what I wanted!

Thanks again for making the entire headshot experience so laid back and comfortable, from the first consultation to advising me on how to reproduce the shots I chose. On the day of the shoot you and your make up artist were great. I was terribly nervous about the entire experience, but you both made me feel at home and made me look great. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a headshot photographer. And thanks again for introducing me to that chocolate shop! Yummmm.

Hey Trevor,
Thanks so much. These photos are amazing! I have no idea which one I'll choose. I will wait a few weeks to make a decision. I'm having a bunch of people look at them to help me out and they all are amazed at your work. I am 1000% satisfied. I will email you my old shots, just so you can see the difference. All the best to you. Thanks a million!!

Sorry that it took me a few days to get in touch with you. I absolutely love the shots!! You are damn good. It is taking me forever to try to narrow it down. My first attempt at narrowing left me with 114 possibilities. I'll send you whichever ones I pick as soon as they are reproduced (and I might even need your help deciding before then).

Got everything in the mail yesterday--thanks so much! The really hard part is going to be deciding...

Thank you so much. My pics are amazing I am having the hardest time choosing. I will be recommending you to every actor I meet and know.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything, i am soooo happy with my pictures.

Hey Trevor, I am just writing to say thank you I love the pictures they are amazing. I have been showing them to people and everyone is really impressed with your work. I think I am just going to go off of your suggestions b/c I like those pics the best (esp. The one with me and the random guys on the

Hi Trevor!
I got the cds in the mail on Wednesday, and the pictures look fabulous! Thank you so much! I have narrowed it down to about 25 or so of my favorites...but it's so hard. As my mom says, "They're ALL so good!" Anyway, I will let you know when I get them printed. Also, I referred you to a friend who is looking to get some headshots ASAP. He is really excited about your stuff.
Keep up the great work!

I got the heashots and they look absolutely great! My
agents were really pleased with them too. Great stuff. I'll
mail you the shots I end up going with. Thanks for the great shoot and all of your help!

I just wanted to say thanks for the pix! Sorry it took me so long, but I was able to peacefully analyze my pix, they are amazing! You are a very talented photographer....really gifted! Thank you, I really appreciate it

Hey Trevor. we wanted you to know we love the photos. There were a few surprises in there. The crooked house came out wonderful. A blast of color. The one on the lawn when I accused you of being too cliche and traditional was cropped so fun on the angle. I love it. The all blue thing with the shirts was nice too.

Abby was in overwhelm she was so happy. Can you believe how many great shots she has. The girl doesn't take a bad picture. She actually tried to call you all day to tell you how much she loved them but got a busy signal.

Anyway, glad you liked them too. Thanks for making it so fun. You were great to work with. I plan to check out some as soon as we decide which ones.... but that could take a while.

Got the disk and am very happy. Still waiting on input from instructors and my agent on which shot to use, but all have commented on what a terrific photographer I had :)

Thank you so much. These are the best pictures ever taken of me. I'm still trying to decide which ones to use. I'm so glad I went to you for my first headshots so I can start off in this industry with the best quality headshots. I will recommend you to everyone but I secretly don't want to because you're the best! The pictures look
like me at my BEST thanks to you and Molly. Please let Molly know how much I appreciate what she did. I want her to be my makeup artist when I'm famous! I'll send you the pictures after I decide and a CD with some great psychadelic music.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!!!! I LOVE THEM AND THEY ARE AMAZING!! I haven't yet decided which ones I'm going to get reproductions of because you're such a damn good photographer that I can't pick just two! But I will let you know when I have made the final decision... hopefully in the next week...

Thanks for doing the shoot, man! it was fun, painless and you got some good stuff in there to choose from. after going through the pics, I did a "first round draft" and narrowed it down to 80. from there I hope to pic 5-10 and have the label help me choose two.

Really, really nice work, bubba. you've made the decision process as difficult (and rewarding) as it should be. pretty cool to see us in your portfolio.

Hey Trevor,
I got the headshots today, and I really REEEEALLY love them. I'm taking them to Reproductions in the next couple days to get touched up, although the ones I am getting don't need that much done to them. Once again, I can't thank you enough. Money very well spent.

The most important investment for any actor to pursue their dreams is the notorious headshot. If there’s a business card for lawyers, real estate agents, and salespeople, there’s a headshot for actors. If there’s one thing that casting directors, agents, directors, and other people in the industry can remember actors by, it would be the that… you get my point. Anyway, I finally scraped up enough to be able to get them done and WHOA, did I get them done. I was extremely hesitant about the ordeal: who to pick out of thousands of photographers, when would be the right time, what could I do to look my best, how they would come out, where I could go… it’s so complex… or is it? Finally, my friend Darbi recommended me to, Trevor Oswalt. After going to his website, I told Darbi (on AIM) that I was calling him immediately. That minute, I called and setup an appointment with Trevor and I never had the chance even to look back. I got really good advice from Darbi about the three “a lots” of headshots: a lot of sleep, a lot of water, and a lot of loving the camera. Lo and behold, it worked! She’s great and he’s great (lives in an amazing location in Brooklyn too - DUMBO), and I have no other words

i got the disk in the mail yesterday. they are lovely. i will thank you in my oscar speech.

I really wanted to thank you because my headshots are EXACTLY what I was looking for and EVERY single person I show them to can't stop saying how great they are. The most exciting thing t ohappen since I got them was that at my school showcase I go a call back from Warner Brothers. Thanks so much for making it possible.

Thanks again for everything. I have gotten great responses from friends, family, teachers, agents, and casting directors. I couldn't be happier with them.

Hey Trevor,
I just wanted to tell you I got the cds of my photos today- thank you so much! Not only were you fast in getting them to me, but I'm very happy with the shots. I can't believe how many there are, it's going to take me a while to go thru them all. And thanks for fitting me into your busy June schedule- you're wonderful!

I recieved the CDs and I just wanted to thank you so very much. The photos are fantastic and I couldn't be happier! I'll send a copy of the photo I end up choosing. Thanks again so much for your time and talent!

Just wanted to say thank you. I got my pictures and several of them look really great. I am dropping by my manager's office tomorrow to get some advice and select which ones will go on my comp card and which will work as my legit headshot. I had a fun day and I will be sure to send you copies when I get them reproduced.

Here are the pics! I'm really happy with them. Thanks again for making me feel comfortable ... it was really fun working with you guys.

I got the CDs of my headshots.
And, for once(!), I have so many good shots to choose from. You are a friggin' genius! Thank you.
I'll be showing them to "the full committee" (Mom, sisters and friends) over the holidays to get their thoughts, but already, the reaction has been "Wow."

The photos look fabulous! I was very impressed and so were my friends. Here are the two I picked along with my old shots. Be well and thanks again.

I got my super neat cd's and the results are stunning. And I don't use the word stunning very often. I think my boyfriend put it best. "It looks like you... just... hotter." He's sweet isn't he?
I haven't settled on the ones I"m going to use yet. I mean, how can you when there are so many glorious choices(...tosses hair...) But as soon as I choose, I'll let you know so I can get your feedback.
Thanks again!

I received the disc in the mail yesterday and there's a slight problem...they're too fucking good! I don't know how I'm going to choose!
Seriously though, they look fantastic. I'm extremely pleased with how they turned out. I honestly thought to myself while looking through them for the first time, "Shit, how am I going to narrow this down?"
As soon as I do narrow it down a bit, I'll probably send a few your few to get your opinion.

I got the headshots and I am floored by how many great shots there are; I am thrilled with the abundance of greatness. Thank you so much for making this whole process so much fun and for being so patient with the "rogue hair." I will let you know when I make my pick (though that could take a while-I keep
changing my mind about which look is my favorite). You are fantastic!!!I

Just got home and looked at the pics and I LOVE them!!!! And I’m not just saying that at all. I really really love them. I’ll have a very hard time narrowing it down. Stephanie did a great job with the make-up and I did much much better with my hair. I love your work and this is why I called you. Sorry it took two times – next time I promise it won’t, but it was well worth it. Many thanks!

Thank you again Trevor for such a good experience on Wednesday with our shoot. I found myself noticing that I wasn't nervous, and then starting to wonder if it was OK that I wasn't nervous, and Yea!-it was!!!
I'm so looking forward to seeing the creations from our day together!

You took my headshot back in September. I just wanted to say thank you again. In the past 5 months my career has really changed for the better and I know my new fabulous headshot had a lot to do with it. Thank you again, you are an awsome photographer!

Hi Trevor-
I just wanted to send an email your way to thank you for an amazing shoot last wednesday. Lindsay and i were very happy as we left and could not wait to get our pictures. Well its been less than 24 hours since i got my pictures and i COULD NOT be happier! Everyone loves them and i have lots of great shots that are going to work for me. I just wanted to thank you again for everything and the next time someone asks where to go for headshots i will be sending them your way.
Thanks again!